NAYR Foundation is partnering with Exploring Post to bring all things aviation with Capt. Lynch. Students will be able to experience the aviation industry with hands on projects, guest speakers, behind the-scenes tours, and simulations to better understand the opportunities available. Students will also learn of several educational opportunities available to help jump start them in their aspirations. Students will learn the importance of creating opportunities to build resumes and participate in 2 community service activities. The fees will also be waived their fees on quarterly events The NAYR Foundation offers to the public and include all food and transportation associated with the post activities.  


September 14th : Introduction/Team Building/Simulation Introduction 

October 12th : Aviation Introduction (ALL ASPECTS) 

November 9th : SPACE Intervention 


January 11th : Rocket/Airplane Development 

February 8th : Drones, Drones, & more DRONES


April 11th : Business Innovation 

May 9th : Fly HIGH!

When enrolling your child into this program. Please make sure to fill out both applications below. One is standard for Exploring and the other is standard for NAYR Foundation. 

The cost of the program is $90/year. This will include all transportation, food, membership, and activity costs throughout the entire year. We also have quarterly events happening which the fee will be waived for these students! We look forward to seeing your child this year! 

This group meets the 2nd Saturday of every month 11AM-2PM 

Vincennes Aviation Technology Center 2175 S Hoffman Rd Indianapolis Indiana 46241