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Executive Director 

Coltyn Miller

Coltyn Miller - M.S. Nonprofit Management

Coltyn Miller is originally from Auburn, Indiana and currently resides in Indianapolis. He began his passion for nonprofits at a young age through volunteering with several local agencies. The power and passion he has to lead a nonprofit of this caliber is superb. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Liberty University in Business Management, Healthcare Management, and a minor in Accounting. His Masters Degree is in Nonprofit Management from Grace College. In his free time, you may find him running one of his two businesses on the side. He has the tenacity and vision for youth and helping them reach their potential in whatever capacity that may be. Mr. Miller sits on several boards throughout the community pinpointing focus around youth development, characteristics, engagement, and also entrepreneurial enhancement. He is eager to meet each new student that goes through our program and can be reached at any time to set up an appointment.

"It doesn't matter your cultural background, we are all humans; and our desire to achieve is up to US!" - Coltyn Miller

Board of Directors 

Captain Ryan Lynch​

Corinna Vonderwell 

Desiree Cochran

Jean Fedje 

Mitch Miller 

Robert Birge - Advisory Committee

Holli Harrington - Advisory Committee

Our Volunteers

First Officer Benjamin Garrett

First Officer Erin Garrett 

First Officer John Kirby 

First Officer Brad Johnson

First Officer Desmond Bunnell 

First Officer Shanita Polk

First Officer Mike Calloway​

Calvin Paige 

Devin Little

Joshua Downing

Kameron Vonderwell

Our Mission

We Appreciate Your Support!

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